Thursday, February 10, 2011

Personal Business Advisors - Our Future (Part 1)

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Talking about our future in North America is impossible without thinking and talking about all the global developments and the effect these have on all of us on a daily (if not hourly) bases.

I certainly do not claim to know more than the next educated (subject matter)  “expert”, but maybe my conclusions are a bit different and (hopefully) NOT clouded/tainted by pre-conceived notions/wishful thinking and/or any political agenda (since I have NONE).

Having said all this, let’s go together and try to define our current situation as we face it today:

-       The entire western hemisphere has reached a standard of living that is higher than it has ever been before in recorded human history.
-       The Southern and Eastern hemisphere countries are successfully building a middle class –thanks to our outsourcing and offshoring- and therefore are continuously growing their wealth –chipping away steadily from the Western hemisphere’s wealth and dominance (economically/militarily and consumption ).
-       Global climate change is presenting ‘challenges’ and devastation we have not seen since the Middle Ages.
-       Natural resources (oil/ gas/ drinking water/ arable land etc.) are dwindling (and harder to get to) rapidly on a global scale.
-       The world’s population is exploding. The United Nations projects it to peak at 9,22 billion by 2075

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Population Research Presents a Sobering Prognosis, contributing even more to the strain on the Earth’s natural resources, which are FINITE.

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