Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gallop Poll Cites Unemployment as Major Problem in United States

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A Gallop poll released just last week announced that Americans feel unemployment and the lack of jobs is the biggest problem currently facing the nation. A full 35 percent of Americans said that jobs and unemployment was their biggest concern, the highest percentage since the Great Recession started and the highest rating since the jobless recovery of the late 1980s. It was the second month in a row that unemployment topped the polls with the economy placing second and healthcare third. However the unemployment survey data doesn’t come to a surprise for online senior level career transition websites such as Personal Business Advisors.

 Throughout 2009, the economy was the major issue facing most Americans. With the unemployment rate now consistently over 9 percent and the lack of jobs available for unemployed job seekers, unemployment has replaced the economy as the main concern of most Americans. According to Personal Business Advisors, the job loss impact to C-level Baby Boomer executives is even more significant.

Back in late January, Gallop released another study about job creation and unemployment stating that most Americans are pessimistic about job creation and six in ten unemployed people feel that the next job they get will not be the one they want. However, they will have to simply settle for whatever job they can find. On average, unemployed workers have spent 27 weeks looking for a job and have applied on average for 45 different jobs.

With a full 42 percent of senior level executives unemployed; many now seeking jobs and career opportunities have started looking at websites such as Personal Business Advisors to locate alternative sources of employment. In fact, experts believe that many people, especially Baby Boomers, have simply stopped looking for jobs during a long period of unemployment and instead are creating their own job – by working for themselves.

Companies such as Personal Business Advisors are helping C-level executives transition from unemployment to creating new businesses using franchising, buying an existing business, being a distributor or by licensing a product.

The wealth of knowledge available at websites, such as the Personal Business Advisors, is often a great starting place for senior level executives dedicated on fighting unemployment and lighting the entrepreneurial spirit to create a job of their own.

The government continues to believe that the economy will be slow to recover and jobs will be slow to appear with a continued drag on the unemployment rate. While this is a concern to many Americans, as displayed in the Gallop polls, many people are choosing a different route and instead deciding to create their own job by bootstrapping a new business.

With a wide level of natural management skills, senior and c-level professionals can use online resources such as Personal Business Advisors to recreate themselves and develop their own job in the face of lagging unemployment.

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