Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boomers Finding Slim Job Prospects in Unemployment

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Boomers Finding Slim Job Prospects in Unemployment

The jobless recovery now taking place in the United States is especially tough on Baby Boomers; Americans aged 47 to 65 years old. In fact, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is seeing an increase in complaints from Boomers aggressively seeking jobs while collecting unemployment benefits. Websites catering to the needs of unemployed Baby Boomers looking for alternative employment, such as Personal Business Advisors, are also seeing an increase in traffic as more senior level executives find themselves on unemployment and looking to create their own business opportunities, which create jobs.

A full 39 percent of Baby Boomer men were less likely to get a job each month compared with younger unemployed workers according to a job and unemployment survey conducted by CNN. According to Personal Business Advisors, 76 percent of the 77 million Baby Boomers plan to seek a job in retirement and currently 42 percent of senior level executives are unemployed.

Compounding the issue for most Baby Boomers is the fact that they need to rely more on job income due to the minimal return on bank savings accounts and the recent correction in the stock market. Many Baby Boomers are finding that their retirement accounts are no longer replacing their job income and have to find alternative methods to job income.

Personal Business Advisors is dedicated to rebuilding the world one business at a time. Their philosophy is by helping unemployed Baby Boomers make a career transition to alternative employment, they will be creating a business opportunity, and creating jobs, instead of relying on unemployment. They focus on creating business opportunities by purchasing a business, starting a new business, licensing a product or by joining a franchise opportunity.

A key group of Baby Boomers are freeing themselves from unemployment and finding job satisfaction by starting their own business. In fact, a recent survey for C-level executives by Personal Business Advisors found that 82 percent of Baby Boomers say they are going to start their own business eventually. The transition from unemployment and lack of job prospects are turning more American’s towards starting their own business.

 A number of C-level executives are also joining the ranks of firms such as Personal Business Advisors to become high-level business consultants helping other entrepreneurs start their business or helping other Baby Boomers make the career transition from job and unemployment to long term opportunity.

Baby Boomers have been able to reinvent their job and career outlook in past recessions and are taking the recent downturn and high unemployment rate to truly relaunch themselves towards rebuilding the world one business at a time.

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