Sunday, January 16, 2011

Personal Business Advisor - Senior Advisor

I spent four and a half decades working in health care and enjoyed every day. Starting at 17 years old, I joined the Navy and was put through the best medical training any branch of the military has to offer. I was attached to the Marine Corp as a Medical Corpsman (combat medic) and went through Basis Marine Combat School, Jump School, Combat Swimmers’ School and Jungle Warfare School  before completing two tours with a 1st Recon Unit in Vietnam. After six years with the Marine Corps I worked as a Certified Critical Care Registered Nurse, cross trained as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, in adult and neonatal Intensive Care Units.

After receiving a MBA from a renowned business university, I held positions as an acute care hospital administrator/CEO at several major hospitals. As my career opportunities expanded I moved to the corporate level of health care management, where I held positions ranging from V.P. of Operations, V.P. of Development to V.P. of Acquisitions & Mergers with a number of national/global for-profit hospital companies.

I started my first business when I was 27 years old and during my career I owned and operated several health care companies. I realized early on that working for yourself is the best investment that an executive can make. I eventually sold all the businesses that I owned for many times what I had invested in them. As I approached retirement age I was looking for something different- a new challenge. 

At the time I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and having worked only in health care my vision was somewhat myopic. I did know that I wanted to continue helping people.

Fortunately I was contacted by an Advisor from Personal Business Advisors. My Advisor presented various executive career opportunities that both fit my skill-set and my criteria. He also provided sound advice related to career transition.  After several weeks of exploring and reviewing different options I selected working for Personal Business Advisors.

It was a decision that I don’t regret and I can, without hesitation, recommend and endorse Personal Business Advisors to other executives regardless of where they are in their career. 

I have been an Executive Senior Advisor with Personal Business Advisors for over a year. I enjoy working with top level executives and providing assistance in their career transition. I have the flexibility and lifestyle that I was looking for and I believe that I am providing a service that no other company provides.

I feel like I am helping executives discover new possibilities during a time where our economy and the executive job market are in crisis.

Dennis Hanson
Senior Advisor

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