Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life Expectancy Hits All Time High

The good news is Baby Boomers can expect to live longer and healthier lives. The United States Center for Disease Prevention announced last week that life expectancy at birth rose to 78.2 in 2009, compared with 78.0 years in 2008. For men, the number hit 75.7 years while women can expect to live 80.6 years. The bad news is many Baby Boomers will have to rely on unemployment benefits or part time jobs to supplement dwindling cash flow from retirement funds, inheritance or Social Security benefits. Fortunately, Personal Business Advisors, LLC can offer Baby Boomers a solution to not only enjoy their golden years, but also supplement their retirement cash flow while creating jobs for other unemployed people across our nation.

Baby Boomers will live the longest of any generation before them in history. Just as a perspective, life expectancy when the Social Security Trust Fund was created was 58 for men and 62 for women. The longer lifespan is going to put a strain on the Social Security Trust Fund. Unfortunately for more and more Baby Boomers, living longer means needing income for a longer part of time. For most, that will mean part time jobs or, with the lack of jobs available across the country, collecting unemployment checks.

For entrepreneurial Baby Boomers, the solution to retirement cash flow won’t be as part time jobs or unemployment benefits. It will come by remaining active in life and the local business community by creating business opportunities. Personal Business Advisors, LLC can help connect Baby Boomers with opportunities such as starting a business, buying an existing business or even purchasing a distributorship to lower the unemployment rate in the nation by creating jobs for others.

Baby Boomers can expect to enjoy an active lifestyle in retirement. After working for years for another company, the opportunity now exists for Baby Boomers to unleash their passion in businesses that they now enjoy. Instead of part time jobs, launch a business. Don’t settle for unemployment when you can create jobs for others by buying and expanding a business. There are thousands of entrepreneurial opportunities all over the nation – from pet care facilities and quick serve restaurants to tax preparation firms or even mailbox stores. The opportunities are endless and firms such as Personal Business Advisors, LLC can help Baby Boomers create jobs by using their skills instead of simply working part time jobs or collecting 99 weeks of unemployment insurance.

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